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Richard Nowak, BESc MBA

With a core philosophy that focused, small teams provide the greatest impact in the shortest possible time, Rick built his career achieving outstanding results with small dynamic teams of select professionals. The foundation of this success is the clarity achieved with the understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and value of the initiative prior to expending time, energy, and limited resources.

Innovation is essential, but no longer sufficient in the global market.  The ability to execute and coordinate everything from customer requirements collection, product definition and design, risk management, and business operations, from joint ventures to the selection of multi-site or single-site development, is critical to reduce time-to-market and investment costs while maximizing market success.  Rick can translate customer and market needs, within the context of business operations, into actionable business and product design strategies, focusing teams on developing high value innovations that are customer-visible differentiators to provide competitive advantage. In a time of uncertainty the CXO service provides the solution to the challenges a business faces in this economic climate.

Having worked on leading-edge solutions and products, including advanced wireless communications systems and applications years before the advent of the Blackberry and iPhone smart-phones, Rick is familiar with the challenges of gaining mindshare, support and funding for new initiatives. Having experienced both success and failure, he knows the importance of positioning an emerging technology to current and potential opportunities, and managing the project risk and market expectations of bringing a product or solution into the market.  With experience gained from working with numerous client organizations across the world, including Bell Canada, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Harris Government Systems, Clear Communications (New Zealand), Telmex (Mexico), Telus, Sprint and Verizon Wireless, as well as providing strategic input to Industry Canada and the US FCC, makes him keenly aware of the needs of the market both locally and globally. Rick has worked closely with lead clients, end-users, and business owners to develop viable strategies, plans and product road maps that maximize the success of both customer and vendor by balancing the realities of day-to-day operations with the unique market opportunities possible through innovation.

With a degree in engineering science and an MBA, as well as taking a systems-thinking approach to every challenge and opportunity, Rick leverages the combination of private sector experience and extensive training to provide the maximum return on your investment. Rick is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CAMC), and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. He has served as industrial co-chair for a major CITR research program and is currently serving on the board of directors for the Canadian Automobile Association North & East Ontario.

On the web:

Skype: paradox-solutions
Cell: 613.858.3338
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